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I discovered who Trevor Noah was sometime in 2008 during my uni days in Cape Town, way before he became the huge super star he is today, and I’ve had a humungous crush on him ever since…and I’m not even into light bright guys! 🤷🏾‍♀️ But Trevor is just a different kind of animal – he is a sublime combination of extreme wit and charisma.

Sure it helps a whole lot that he is very easy on the eyes, with those adorable dimples when he smiles and that beautiful accent when he speaks; but what gets me the most is his mind. His intelligence is just pure brilliance. Whenever I listen to Trevor speak, I am always fascinated by his ability to perfectly articulate his points of view from very serious topics to the most mundane subjects while staying true to his unique brand of comedy and alacrity. He is a master in the art of storytelling – captivating, fun, whip smart.

Trevor Noah is regarded as one of South Africa’s biggest exports: the boy from the hardscrabble township of Soweto who made it big in the US and ended up hosting The Daily Show, one of the most influential satirical news programs on American television. Trevor has now won numerous awards for his role on The Daily Show and has become a familiar face on TV every weekday and even during the 2020/2021 COVID19 pandemic shutdown where he brilliantly tackled worldly and personal topics, conducted highly informative and entertaining interviews with a diverse set of guests, all with an agile mind, a sharp wit and a global perspective which is uniquely refreshing.

And when I thought I couldn’t love Trevor any more than I already do, I got to read and listen to his audiobook Born A Crime. This book is an engaging, fast-paced and vivid read, where Trevor recounts his childhood, adolescence and young adulthood in South Africa during apartheid and its chaotic, repressive aftermath.

It is a brilliant blend of his horrifying and funny family drama and coming-of-age struggles against the backdrop of apartheid South Africa, all with his distinctive eloquence and humour.

Born A Crime is an exquisite and essential read not only because it is a beautifully narrated personal story of survival, but also because it provides so much insight into the small-minded stupidity and evils of apartheid. I would recommend to any and everyone.

Trevor Noah For Variety Magazine

While Trevor’s book is his personal story, but it is also very much a loving tribute to his mother. I think I am a little bit in love with that woman to be honest. Patricia is her name. It’s so beautiful to hear Trevor speak about his mama, who survived brutal domestic violence and being shot by her ex-husband. He speaks about her with so much love and reverence. Noah says. “I was lucky enough to be in the shadow of a giant. My mom’s magic dust sprinkled on me and I hope I have enough of it to be as brave as she was and continues to be.” Aaaahhhh I’m in love! Trevor is a man after my heart. And if you are interested in more stories about Trevor’s mama Patricia, maybe you should check out his 2018 comedy special on Netflix; Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia.

His mischievous glint, determination, grit, wisdom, and searing intelligence is so awe-inspiring. I recently watched an old interview of his on the Ellen Show where he described his travel routine while on tour. Maaaaannn even the way he explained his OCD tendencies when on the road for his comedy tours was just so articulate, wickedly smart and incredibly sexy! I love listening to Trevor Noah. I could listen to him for hours on end talk about literally any subject. At the end of the day, dude isn’t a comedian. What he does is not comedy – it’s way beyond that. He carries out a delectable dissection of life with sagacity and chutzpah – pure brilliance!

I love love love Trevor Noah – he is absolutely amazing! 🙌🏾💖


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