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Moist Chocolate Cake

Deep dark super moist and decadent chocolate cake that just melts in your mouth. What’s not to love?😋😋😋
This One-Bowl Chocolate Cake recipe is my fave!!! It’s super quick and easy to make — perfect for a last-minute dessert, totally delicious, and made with real ingredients you can feel great about. Again, what’s not to love?😋😋😋

Love At First Bite
Round Chocolate Cake Sliced

I would like to start this blog by talking about one of my favourite things…CAKE!

Not any kind of cake.

Chocolate cake.

Deep dark super moist and decadent chocolate cake.

What’s not to love? 😋

Let me give a very brief description of myself : I am a humongous foodie. Ha! Humongous! Don’t you just love that word? It makes me hungry just saying it out loud. Humongous! But I don’t think I would describe my love for everything food related other than humongous!

So, as I was saying, I have a humongous love food. (Ha!…love that word). And I think I actually love making food more than I do eating it. It gives me special joy to cook something for my loved ones and have them gobble it up. And when it comes to the kinds of foods I love to eat, I am more savoury than sweet. I just love the spiciness and piquant of savoury foods. But when going for a sweet dish, I usually like some tart with my sweetness — reason why I love lemons so much. The tartness of the lemon juice cuts through and blunts a little bit of that cloying taste of sweet foods which I personally find aggressive to my taste buds, thereby making the food more palatable for me.

Now, when it comes to cakes, that’s a different ball game — my sweet tooth spectacularly comes to life. Cakes are a major weakness of my mine; and even though I do not consider myself a chocoholic, a rich, moist, and insanely decadent chocolate cake: Pure heaven! 🙌🏾

Decadent Chocolate Cake

Given that my love for chocolate cake runs pretty deep, I decided to look for an easy recipe that would be simple and straight forward to follow, but which I could tweak and customize to my taste and still obtain a very rich, moist, and delectable chocolate cake.

So then my quest began. I tried a couple of recipes. Some cakes came out A-OK, some were just meh! Then I came across the recipe below, tried it and boom! There it was … ultra-moist, dark, rich, with an intense chocolatey taste and aroma … absolute winner! This has been my go-to chocolate cake recipe ever since and I have used it so many times I can almost do it with my eyes closed! I am quite the sensation with my loved ones where requests for my chocolate cake are never-ending. What can I say, I’m pretty damn proud of myself.💪🏾

Chocolate Cake Slices

I’m well aware that cake mixes can be great because they are convenient and the results are almost always guaranteed, as they produce very moist and light cakes. But with this from-scratch recipe, you are guaranteed the same, except, your cake is darker, richer, fluffier and has a more intense chocolate flavour.

I am no baking pro (far from it if you ask me), but there are some key elements that help me obtain a really delectable and rich chocolate cake every time I set out baking.

Buttermilk: It balances the rich qualities from the cocoa and the sweetness from the sugar, and is also used to facilitate a strong leavening reaction with the baking soda. If you want a very moist melt-in-your-mouth chocolate cake, buttermilk is the way to go. If you can’t get buttermilk at your local grocery store, mix 1 or 2 tablespoon(s) of white vinegar or lemon juice in your regular milk and let it sit for about 5 minutes. The milk will get thicker and clumpy and is ready to use.

Coffee: When paired with the cocoa powder in this recipe, it intensifies the chocolate essence without being too forward with its own coffee flavour. You can either add it in its powder form as a dry ingredient when mixing the other dry ingredients, or brew a cup of coffee which you will later add as a wet ingredient to the batter. I prefer to add coffee in my recipe as a cup of freshly brewed hot coffee. I just think I obtain better results that way — the cake is impossibly moist with an intense chocolate flavour. 

Vegetable oil: Personally, I love to use butter when baking; but for this cake, vegetable oil just seems to always work better, to obtain the type of moistness I want in a cake. I prefer to use canola, safflower or sunflower oil for this recipe because they are all lightweight and odourless vegetable oils, but grapeseed, peanut or cottonseed oil are also great choices if you happen to have any of them on hand.


As for the recipe, very straight forward. It’s just a matter of combining the dry ingredients in a bowl, mix in the liquids, pour the batter into pans, and bake. It’s pretty much a deliciously upgraded version of a boxed mix.

¤ In a bowl, sift in all the dry ingredients: natural unsweetened cocoa powder, granulated sugar, all-purpose flour, baking powder, baking soda, pinch of salt, and mix everything together.

¤ Add in the liquids to the dry ingredients: eggs, vegetable oil, buttermilk, hot freshly brewed coffee, vanilla extract and use a stand or hand mixer to mix until everything is combined and a loose, uniform batter is formed. This will take about 3-5 minutes. Scrape the sides and bottom of the bowl with a spatula and mix for another 60 seconds.

¤ The batter will be thin so pour it in already prepared cake pan(s) and gently tap the pan(s) a couple of times on the counter to let the air bubbles rise to the surface.

¤ Slide the pan(s) into a preheated 350°F oven and bake for 25-30 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean.

¤ Once done, allow the cakes to cool in the pans for 10 to 15 minutes, then remove from pans and place on a cooling rack to cool completely before frosting. Decorate and serve!

Layered cakes are pretty, but for me, they require far too much work to make on a regular basis, so I usually just bake my cake and dust a little confectioner’s sugar on the top and serve. However, on special occasions, I make an effort and do a 2-tier cake with a lovely frosting.

Moist Chocolate Cake Slice

As regards frosting, my motto is always quick, easy, and glossy. I love a glossy cake finish😋. So most times I settle for a simple chocolate frosting using milk, butter, sifted dark unsweetened cocoa powder, confectioner (powdered) sugar, and some vanilla extract. I simply melt the butter in a saucepan over medium-low heat, then whisk in the cocoa powder. Cook for about 2 minutes (do not boil), remove from heat, and add in the powdered sugar, vanilla, and milk (one teaspoon at a time) to obtain a smooth, rich and shiny frosting. Spread over still warm cake and Voilà!

Chocolate GanacheIf I’m going for something fancier, I use chocolate chips and heavy or whipping cream to make a simple ganache. In a microwave, I melt the chocolate chips or bars chopped to tiny pieces for about 2 mins, pour hot heavy cream into the melted chocolate, and whisk vigorously until the mixture is smooth and velvety, to obtain a chocolate ganache. I set the bowl aside for about 10 minutes, allowing the ganache to cool and thicken a bit, before pouring it on a completely cool cake, and lightly smoothing and spreading it with a spatula or offset knife.

Feel free to spike your ganache with a couple of tablespoons of bourbon, rum, or a fancy flavoured liqueur or top it with any fresh fruit of your choice, sprinkles, nuts, or chocolate shavings — before the ganache hardens! I must say my layering and frosting skills are very touch-and-go, but who cares when the cake is made with love and every decadent bite just melts in your mouth. And by the way: an ugly cake tastes just as good as a pretty cake— Just sayin’🤷🏿‍♀️

A delicious, light and fluffy chocolate is the perfect birthday cake for all ages, but also simply served with … let’s see; ice cream, berries, a glass of wine, a dollop of whipped cream or just coffee is always a win at any time, for any one. Whether you choose to add layers of extra frosting to it or have it just plain and simple with a glass of milk, chocolate cake is so delectable all by itself and it’s a treat I never tire of indulging in.

Chocolate Cake and Whipped Cream

Chocolate Cake and Milk

Birthday Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake and Berries

Chocolate Cake and Ice-cream

When it comes to desserts, cakes especially, I want easy and quick. This One-Bowl Chocolate Cake recipe is perfect for a last-minute dessert or if you are craving chocolate cake and need an easy recipe. This one is a keeper!


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